General and Wholesale
As a wholesale trading company in UAE, we import and distribute a vast array of wholesale products for competitive prices in UAE, GCC country, Asia, Europe and Africa. Over the years, we have strived to develop a stellar reputation as region’s specialist in wholesale export and import of consumer and business products to clients across various geographical regions. In our efforts to attain market leadership with progressive customer excellency, we seek growth through new ideas, new products and strong partnerships. We hope to acquire loyal customers in the form of consumers, retailers, and consumers all across UAE.

Our top-of-the-line trading experience and impeccable services have earned us strong brand partners across the globe. We constantly work to enhance our existing capacity to fulfill the consumer, retail, and wholesale needs of the trading market. We believe in integrity and transparency in all areas of our business so as to ensure our ability to meet and exceed international industry standards.
Military Equipment, Weapons, and Explosives
Al Gharbia aims to supply advanced military supplies through the evolution of technology innovation, system integration, and product development. Al Gharbia is licensed for the import and wholesale of advanced military equipment, high-grade weapons and explosives.

Our aim is to leverage state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions of US and Western European Enterprises for expanding the UAE defense industrial base and addressing the dynamic security challenges of the region. Al Gharbia hopes to be recognized as a leading supplier of advanced military equipment and weapons to the ministry of Interior, UAE armed forces, and other defense and security authorities.
Medicine, Medical Devices, and Equipment
Al Gharbia is one of the top distributors of pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, and a local partner to leading multi-national corporations. We uphold the utmost standards of service, professionalism, and quality. Al Gharbia thrives on world-class technologies and innovations to cater to the ever growing needs of the UAE healthcare sector, and hopes to play its part in fulfilling the aim of UAE government of a safe and healthy environment for residents by investing in bringing top-of-the-line medical equipments and premium quality products from across the globe.