Al Gharbia aims to develop and promote UAE’s competitive petrochemicals industry, using state-of-the-art technology, and aspires to be one of the major UAE players in the production and marketing of designated petrochemicals and downstream. Capitalizing on Abu Dhabi’s rich heritage in the oil and natural gas sector, petrochemicals form the cornerstone of our business. By cultivating partnerships with like-minded organizations, we will leverage our experience and extensive expertise to support the continued success of our portfolio companies. We hope to guide our clients in developing innovative, unparalleled solutions for value creating hydrocarbons that can be integrated into proven engineering concepts. We will continue to look for ways to convert the precious hydrocarbon resource into a sustainable value chain loop for further generations.
Machinery And Equipments
Al Gharbia seeks to become a leading role in industrial machinery and equipment by focusing on the synthesis of a highly skilled workforce.
Energy & Sustainability
Al Gharbia seeks to pioneer the development, deployment, and commercialization of renewable energy, and sustainability solutions, cementing Abu Dhabi’s place as the global center of excellence in this sector. We aim to become a global name to contend with in the sustainable energy industry of the future, with the ability to provide our clientele with premium quality products, based on profitable customer solutions and next generation technology.